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With SI-Log Network, take advantage of the best opportunities the America market has to offer.

Posted by SI-LOG on 13/02/2019

With SI-Log Network, take advantage of the best opportunities the America market has to offer.

SI-LOG 13/02/2019 pubblicato in english, internationalization

History has taught us that as the leading economic power, America's influence on business culture across the globe is undeniable. 

Characterized by a strong multiculturalism and a very high concentration of innovative ideas, entrepreneurs all over the world are increasingly looking towards the USA to seek fortune outside their local markets. There are countless reasons why the interest towards the US market continues to grow. Its main strenghts are: dynamism, leaner bureaucracy and a strongly proactive and entrepreneurial attitude. Some examples come to mind; Google or Amazon for instance.

No matter how successful a company might be in its own geographic area, or even in a variety of international markets, showing traction and success in the US market demonstrates a level of sophistication and maturity that is valued by customers, partners and employees alike. In light of the above, Italian entrepreneurs are amongst the most ambitious, outgoing and, for years, have been striving to find a point of contact and exchange between these two such diverse cultures.

To facilitate the connecting process, SI-LOG Network has opened a subsidiary right in the centre of the “Big Apple” (downtown New York): Strategy International, a company whose main objective is precisely that of supporting small and medium sized Italian businesses to grow and internationalize in the USA. Strategy International, through its in loco structure, is aimed at offering Italian entrepreneurs all the necessary instruments to successfully meet the challenges of doing business in the USA.  

What is the company's modus operandi?




The strength of its network.

The importance of contacts when entering the US market is obvious. Learning to appreciate the significance of the network of connections required to successfully penetrate a new market is vital. Here, the critical importance of finding the right individuals – individuals who have the same rich, reliable and trustworthy contacts as the top managers in the home office – cannot be over-emphasised.

The strength of our network is a key element which any company wanting to do business in the USA can rely on. Thanks to the continuous collaboration and communication between the various realities of the group, the customer will be able to enter all-round in the American market and in the mentality that characterizes it. On one hand, thanks to Strategy International the client will be able define a winning strategy to do so, on the other hand, will be able to avail itself of a structure that will support him in shipping and planning of logistics-distribution processes.


An open-minded approach.

In order to grasp all the potential American territory can offer, it is not enough to be informed about its laws, taxation or bureaucracy; when you decide to open a branch, understanding American multiculturalism, independence and individualism is key to doing business in the US effectively and to maximise the benefits of their investments by building long term cross-cultural relationships of mutual trust and confidence.

It is for this very same reason Strategy International provides a highly qualified Italian team, which manages to combine a tailor-made approach typical of small Italian entrepreneurship to the American mentality and culture. Only in this way, through an increased awareness of how they might be perceived in other cultures, the customer will arrive prepared both individually and as representatives in the setting -up of the new company and they will be able to avoid any potential miscommunication and improve global business.  

Quite often, the lack of understanding of these subtle differences, and the absence of advisers who can offer suggestions, can mean the difference between success and failure. But with the advice, support and market insights of Strategy International, cultural barriers are no longer a problem.

Co-creation of an internationalization strategy.

Last but not least, to emerge in such a competitive market you must be informed and will be prepared to meet current regulations and bureaucracy. Even though American territory is not subject to particularly complex bureaucracy, specific rules and regulations applied to the consultancy and distribution industry often change from year to year.

Want a safe zone during the internationalization process, not a problem. Setting-up a company in the US is simple when you have the help of a team skilled in company formation, immigration, import-export, international tax, logistics and supply chain such as Strategy International who offers high end consulting. The entrepreneur, thus relating himself on all these issues can define a strategy that perfectly adapts to his needs.

More than 300 million consumers, important tax and financial advantages, few regulatory barriers and the strength of a global economy are the key elements in favour of the USA and its economic market.  To take advantage of this market share, do not underestimate the internationalization process: always rely on a professional expert consultant to shape with his support the best export solutions possible: SI-Log is always here to assistant you!  We serve every industry, from manufacturing to retail, to wholesale to business services to transportation, you name it. We have expertise in every significant industry.

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