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Internationalization and Bureaucracy: choose SI-Log Network as your partner

Posted by SI-LOG on 20/03/2019

Internationalization and Bureaucracy: choose SI-Log Network as your partner

SI-LOG 20/03/2019 pubblicato in english, internationalization

When we talk about entrepreneurship, we can not but think of the vast number of Italian companies that, thanks to winning ideas, have established themselves first on the local market and then on the international one.

There are many sound commercial reasons for small to medium sized companies to expand beyond their home market. European Commission director general for internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs, Istvan Nemeth, says that being internationally active links with higher turnover and employment growth, and there is a relationship between internationalisation and innovation.

Expanding business overseas means reaching new clients or customers and potentially boosting profits.

A lot of companies do not conduct enough pre-entry activities to know the right setup in which to enter the USA market. You need to do market research and validation before investing in expanding your business into the USA market. It is essential that you partner with a company that can help you, talk to customers and potential partners, etc. Many Italian entrepreneurs, however, do not yet feel ready to open new branches abroad: they are above all the financial impediments and the different bureaucratic rules that change from country to country that restrain and frighten small and medium-sized Italian companies.

If your aim is to be competitive globally, you must have a team in place that’s up for the challenge. The best way to overcome the fears related to the expansion and growth of your business is to find the right business partners to relate to the country of arrival.

Looking to tackle the US market? With Strategy International, part of SI-Log Network is the meeting place between Italian companies and the American market, internationalization in the American market will no longer be a problem. How can Strategy International assist you? Let's find out together:



Internationalization and Bureaucracy: experience firsthand

After a careful market analysis, we realize that too often entrepreneurs and business owners have great ideas but lack the necessary and relevant information to successfully enter the market or maintain growth projections.

Unfortunately, this is often due to unexpected stumbling blocks, such as bureaucratic red tape, taxes and accounting issues, as well as standard business practice models, or personnel issues within the United States that can often make or break a project.

Relying on an interlocutor who in the past has already shared and overcome the fears linked to the internationalization processes, is reassuring to the inexperienced entrepreneur and helps him achieve compliance avoiding legal pitfalls. Although there are many similarities, the process of product compliance in the US is slightly different from the process of EU compliance. By putting your trust to Strategy International, you will not be disappointed, and you will be able to count on the expertise of Italian entrepreneurs who have themselves decided to internationalize their business in New York and have lived firsthand through the same experience and can best support your needs.

Internationalization and Bureaucracy: network of qualified partners

Over the years, Strategy International has carefully sought a series of quality partnerships with which to carry out its mission in the United States: to implement the value of Italian excellence overseas.

Strategy International with its first-class partner network, is able to support you in all phases of the internationalization process. Our U.S. Market Entry Plan is designed to help you: develop your business in the U.S. using a structured approach, understand the complexities of the U.S. market to avoid costly mistakes and unexpected roadblocks, validate the states or regional markets with the most potential, identify and validate prospective partners and/or clients and help you establish initial contact with the most promising partners and clients and mitigate risk and facilitate decision-making. For further information, you can read the article "With SI-Log Network seize the best opportunities on the US market".

Along with getting your company structure in place, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the local laws and regulations governing your target markets is key. From tax implications through to trading laws, navigating legal requirements is a central function for any successful international business. Eligibility to trade is a significant consideration, as are potential tariffs and the legal costs associated with entering new markets.




Internationalization and Bureaucracy: constant support to entry plan

Strategy International wants to aid all those companies that wish to internationalize in the USA, but still do not have the right permits or visas. If you decide to set up a business presence in the United States, you should obtain the services of a lawyer well acquainted with U.S. law. He or she can recommend the best type of entity to establish and the state whose business laws are most favourable to your type of company. Your lawyer will also manage the set-up process.

Through the collaboration with highly qualified New York law firms specialized in the field of company management, Strategy International will be the right intermediary able to clarify any doubt and assist investors in obtaining specific permits. Collaborating with our well-known team of lawyers, who are highly qualified and specialized in Immigration processes, procedures and requirements, Strategy International is able to assist with the applications for working and business Visas for clients.

In this case, Strategy acts as an intermediary between the legal team and the investor/ business person to obtain the necessary documents.

Internationalization and Bureaucracy: collaborations in the financial field

Secondly, Strategy International prides in established relationships with selected financial institutions. It can provide on-demand advisory services if you feel the need for additional support to execute your market entry plan.

Only in this way can the customer avail himself of a specialist constantly by his side, which will allow him to reduce the long waits for the opening of a US corporate current account and/or obtaining a valid credit card.

Internationalization and Bureaucracy: expansion on digital channels

Since the same Strategy International is part of a network of several companies specialized in different sectors, it is able to offer consulting services on different channels. Indeed, internationalising does not only mean opening a branch in the country of arrival, but also considering the idea of expanding its online sales network.

Thanks to the partnership with the Retalco Group, the entrepreneur can investigate all the advantages of creating an online e-commerce.

Internationalization and Bureaucracy: promotion of trade relations

Finally, to reduce the gap between Italian culture and US culture, Strategy International strongly believes in participating in the IACC circuit, the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce, a private non-profit organization that represents the interests of companies that have (or who are interested in) establishing trade relations between the United States and Italy.

In conclusion, analyzing the global scenario through professional knowledge and skills such as those of Strategy International will avoid problems of geopolitical and financial nature, and is a necessary step for all entrepreneurs who want to bring their business overseas: aim for the highest quality of the service, to launch your product in the best way!

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